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Mike Puskaric for State Representative



Mike Puskaric has lived his entire life in western Pennsylvania and was raised on the conservative traditions of hard work and self-reliance. These are two values he plans to carry with him to Harrisburg as your State Representative.

At 28, he’s already experienced in the world of real estate, as part of his family firm, a local family business. A graduate of Serra Catholic High School and Seton Hill University, where he majored in communications, he describes himself as a dyed-in-the-red conservative who counts Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower as his political heroes.

His priorities are jobs and economic development, Second Amendment rights, and the elimination of Pennsylvania’s archaic and punitive property tax system.

As an elected official, Mike plans to limit himself to a maximum of four terms in office. He’s ready to turn down the lavish state pension and the no-expense per-diem expense account.

Mike’s hobbies include sport shooting, sailing, and ballroom dancing.


Jobs and Economic Development

Right now, one half trillion dollars in goods and services travel Pennsylvania’s roads, but not enough of them on roads in the 39th State House District. We need to complete Route 43 so it reaches all the way into Pittsburgh, tying our district to the vital business hub that has been a gateway to the world market. At the same time, the state’s outlandish 9.9 percent corporate income tax has served as a “not welcome” sign to too many potential job-creators. In Harrisburg, I’ll fight to lift that burden from the business community so it can expand and promote the kind of wealth enjoyed by so many lower-tax states. At the same time, we need to expand trade and technology education for a workforce that will soon be challenged by the workplace demands of the 21st Century.

Second Amendment 

As a gun-owner, I say it’s time we stopped apologizing for supporting the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. My hobbies include target shooting and gun collecting – traditions deeply bred into any citizen of Whiskey Rebellion country. In Harrisburg, I intend to fight hard against encroachments on our rights, keeping in mind that the Pennsylvania Constitution says the right to own arms “shall not be questioned.” This is not a subject for debate. It’s a matter of cultural pride and understanding that we are a free people because we are ready to defend those freedoms.

Tax Reform

As a youngster I remember learning the word ‘foreclosure’ and watching as neighbors moved away after losing their homes to tax sales. Now, decades later and working in the real estate industry, I have seen families deal with these burdens firsthand. It is unthinkable to me that we lay so much of the cost of supporting state and local government on the backs of homeowners. Home ownership is part of the American Dream and I’m determined to fight for a shift in our tax system that will forever prevent the spectacle of a working family, or elderly retirees, forced from their homes by the tax man.

Protecting our Youth

Over the past year, our country has seen the most innocent of citizens become victims of school shootings.  It is more important now than ever that school administrators, law enforcement, and parents work together to ensure our children are going to attain a solid education and be safe while learning. As your next State Representative, I will be your voice for safe and secure schools. We must ensure our school districts have the resources available to them so they can implement their customized security plans, and keep our kids safe.


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